It is surprising what we can do together

Our expertise is rooted in our history

Airosolutions and its predecessors have been in business since 1967 and have extensive experience in skin & tinted skin care, and medical devices. In 2015, Airosolutions became part of the Airopack Technology Group AG.


Airosolutions was founded by the Van den Brande family in 1967 under the name Foundation Distrilène Cosmetics. In 1998, the Van den Brande family rebranded the company to Proficos, before forming a partnership with Airopack in 2013. In 2015, the Airopack Technology Group AG acquired Proficos and renamed it Airosolutions.

The spirit of innovation

Airopack Technology Group

Airopack Technology Group AG emerged from the activities of the Kelders family. Since the mid 1970s, the Kelders family has created and managed numerous successful businesses in plastics moulding and technical packaging. Airopack Technology Group AG aims to become a mid-size global primary packaging company, based on product innovation and principles of customer excellence.

The key drivers to achieving this are sustainable product innovation, expanding the global operational footprint and customer-oriented flexibility. Furthermore, Airopack Technology Group will continue to drive its current portfolio of primary packaging developments and new dispensing system applications.

Vertical integration and additional (new) packaging innovations will be launched and strategic acquisitions will enable Airopack Technology Group to become a truly mid-size but flexible and innovative packaging company.

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