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Our field is the world of cosmetics. Skin care and tinted skin care (e.g. CC creams, BB creams and foundations). And we also provide medical devices with products like lice shampoos, wart treatments and nail fungus treatments. 

Skin & tinted skin care

We have extensive experience in skin care

For example: pro-ageing, lifting, hydrating, whitening, sensitive skin, dry skin products, etc. And with tinted skin care e.g. CC creams, BB creams and foundations. We also have comprehensive experience with post-foaming shave and shower gels.

Skin care. For example: lotions, creams, milks, butters, serums, tonics, (post-foaming) shaving gels, masks (peel-off), peeling products, scrubs, herbal products, massage creams, massage oils, cleansers, men’s cosmetics, hand and foot care, bath and (post-foaming) shower products.

Tinted skin care. For example: BB creams, CC creams, tinted day creams, make-up bases, foundations, concealers, lip glosses, lip balms, lip butters

Medical Devices

Products with claimable treatments

We have experience with Medical Devices, i.e. products with claimable treatments. We can therefore perform the development, production and filling of this product category.

Medical Devices. For example: mouth water, anti-hair loss products, treatment of eczema, treatment of psoriasis, extremely dry skin, cold sores, fungal infections of the nails, hand sanitizers, anti-acne products, anti-lice shampoos, treatment of herpes.


Special products for special clients

Our specialties are post-foamers, swirls, dual products, sticks and highly volatile products.

We also have experience with fragrances. We produce fragrances and alcohol-containing products, e.g. deo sticks, perfumes, perfumed gels, colognes, after-shaves, tonics, lotions, room sprays

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