Customer first

Trends, Research, Development, Creation, Production, Filling/Packing and Logistics are the pillars of our assortment. You choose which pillar you want to be included or excluded. This is how we are able to offer customised solutions which reflect your requirement, whether this is just a formulation or the full service package.


The Airosolutions process

As soon as an idea or concept has been translated into a project, our Research and Development team gets involved in the process. Our R&D team has extensive experience in cosmetics & medical devices. All our formulations are researched and developed with the most innovative methods to create distinctive products. We endeavour to achieve your exact demands, either by modifying and adapting an existing formula or by developing new ones. We have extensive experience and are accustomed to bulk production of formulations, so we know what is and what is not possible. All in all, we collaborate closely with you. Always with the desired and most suitable product and packaging in mind.


Finding the most suitable solution

Our packaging specialists have a strong network of packaging suppliers and a wide range of knowledge about the available packaging solutions. They will find the most suitable packaging solution for you. That solution may but doesn’t have to be Airopack with which we have wide-ranging experience. Airopack is a revolutionary pressurised dispenser. Powered by compressed air. Delivering a consistent and continuous 360° dispensing experience. It is all plastic, transparent and planet friendly.

Learn more about the newest innovation in lipcare: Airoball. It excites the eyes and thanks to its ergonomic modular design, it also fits the hand effortlessly. Lip care application is easily controlled as the actual product formulation and ‘flavours’ can be included as part of the total production process. All components are made in our state-of-the-art production facility so we offer unrivaled convenience. Airoball offers a patented, modular construction that can be personalised to match your brand identity.

If a desired or suitable type of packaging is not available, we will develop a whole new packaging concept in partnership with reputable packaging suppliers. Our R&D team is in close contact with packaging and raw material suppliers so that we can proactively keep up with innovations. We are always up to date, whether it concerns new ingredients, new materials or new packaging.


Always the highest standards

Once the development of formulation & packaging is finalised and you as our customer have approved the complete product, we will start to ‘bulk produce’ your formulation. Our facilities are GMP certified, which help us maintain a clean and very organised work environment and is conducive to the quality of the production and optimal work processes.

Our entire bulk production area is a CLEAN ZONE (= Contamination Control Zone). This guarantees that the products are always of the highest quality and makes our bulk production area ideal for the production of high contamination sensitive products and medical devices. Within the bulk production area, we have two ATEX ROOMS (= Explosion Proof Rooms) and the vessels in these rooms are also ATEX approved. We use these for the production of highly volatile products and those containing alcohol. This  ensures that these explosion-sensitive products are always produced under the safest conditions.

Filling & packing

Customized products and packs

We have the advantage of owning adaptable filling lines that consist of flexible modules. Our filling lines can be quickly adapted to customised products and packs. Where necessary, our engineers can create new customised tools. For some specific products or packs, we even create brand new machines and filling areas to fill the most complex products in optimal conditions. Our set-up can manage small, medium-sized as well as large volumes. Our filling and conditioning equipment can be automated, semi-automated or manual, depending on the volumes. Products can be labelled, safety-sealed, packed and re-packed. Lot numbers can be applied, either with inkjet or laser, according to customer instructions.

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