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Introducing the game-changing Airoball lip balm.

Stuck with the Stick? Introducing the game-changing lip balm: Airoball.

It’s easy to get stuck in convention. Traditionally, we assume toothpaste comes in a tube. Orange juice comes in a carton and lip balm comes in a stick. Well actually no; not anymore.

Packaging makes a promise. It may be based on practicality or simplicity, but sometimes it’s just so different from the norm, it immediately looks and feels right.

Airoball by Airopack excites the eyes and thanks to its ergonomic modular design, it also fits the hand effortlessly. Lip care application is easily controlled as the actual product formulation and ‘flavours’ can be included as part of the total production process. All components are made in our state-of-the-art production facility so we offer unrivaled convenience.

The dispenser is modular in construction and can be customised to incorporate brand differentiating dimples, imprints or textures. And we can create an array of colours that will spring off the shelf. We’re already working with leading companies like Beiersdorf (under the Labellino brand) and enjoy forming close cooperative partnerships with all our customers. Don’t get stuck with a stick, practical is now desirable because this is one ball that has changed the game.

Create your own Airoball form and formulation

Springs off the shelf
Airoball offers a patented, modular construction that can be personalised to match your brand identity.

Freedom of formulation
As well as our standard selection, we can create flavours and formulations specifically for you and your brand.

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